Lowest Fees Guaranteed

While title insurance premiums are set by Ohio’s Department of Insurance, many transactions qualify for discounts (e.g. reissue rate) that are not always offered by title insurance providers unless you ask. These discounts, which are based on the amount of the purchase price and mortgage, can be substantial—in some cases 50% or more off the base title insurance premium. At Golden Eagle Title, we don’t wait for you to ask—we always offer you the lowest reissue rate that is available for your transaction.

In addition to the cost of the title insurance premium, title insurance providers are allowed to charge various other closing fees, the cost of which is typically not regulated. While many of the additional fees charged by title insurance providers are legitimate, the amount charged is often excessive. Golden Eagle Title prides itself on not nickel and diming our customers with unnecessary or excessive closing costs or “junk fees”.

In fact, the only fees we charge beyond the title insurance premium are either legally required or are reasonable and below industry average.